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Greta had given herself plenty of time. She'd needed it. There was a lot to read about modern-day dog ownership, and plenty of supplies to acquire. On top of that, she'd wanted to give her enthusiasm time to fade, if it was going to. The idea of getting a dog had struck suddenly enough to qualify as a whim. She needed to be certain that she wanted a dog for its own sake, and not just because she was desperate for something to do.

But her research hadn't put her off, and her enthusiasm hadn't waned. She staggered her supply runs, giving herself ample time to reconsider. But, two weeks after she first started seriously thinking about it, she finds herself with everything a dog might require. (Except for a bed. The necessity of that seems questionable, and she wouldn't know what size to get until she chose a dog, anyway.)

There's really no need to put it off any longer.

She calls Demelza, intending to suggest they find a time over the next few days, but she isn't surprised when her friend insists that they can make today work, and she doesn't argue. Within the hour, Demelza's cheerfully leading her towards one of Darrow's animal shelters.

"Thank you for this," Greta says for the nth time, her arm linked with her friend's and a long-absent bounce in her step. "It'll be good to have a second opinion."

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What is truly good, in Demelza's opinion, is seeing Greta in such good spirits, seeing that smile on her face and her mood clearly improved. What she's learned, the horrible things about her story finally being known, there's no undoing that, but Demelza is of the mind that people are often stronger than they believe themselves to be and so she imagines it's only time that Greta needs until most of the awfulness is behind her and the days ahead look bright once more.

"You're welcome," she says cheerfully, though she believes she ought to be the one thanking Greta instead. This is an opportunity she might not have had otherwise, as she knows better than to bring home any other animals while Garrick is still around. Ross would likely make space in their home for another dog by insisting Demelza sleep on the sofa. Helping a friend choose a dog, though, relieves her of the burden of taking one home herself, all while giving her the chance to enjoy choosing an animal.

"Have 'ee thought about whether you'd like a puppy or a full grown dog?" she asks as they head toward the shelter. "I had Garrick as a pup, but tis different now and I d'think I understand why someone might want an adult dog instead of a puppy."

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Demelza laughs at the thought of it, knowing Garrick would happily suffer any child sitting on him, perhaps even trying to ride him as a horse, and she expects Greta would like a dog that could do the same.

"Puppies learn with their mouths, too," she says, having learned that after her arrival in Darrow. It had made sense to her, as she remember Garrick during that first year, how he had nipped at everything, had chewed whatever he could find until he realized it wasn't something worth chewing. He's not done so in years, doesn't so much as snap at a single thing, except perhaps for the flies, but as a puppy, he'd had so much to learn. "And their little teeth are like needles. They don't mean harm, but tis only that they don't know better. An older dog wouldn't be so prone to nipping any of the children."

Her smile grows a little then as they approach the door. "And it would be nice, wouldn't it, if your dog and Garrick might be able to play. They would wear themselves out and be socialized at the same time. I learned that's important with dogs as well, to have them spend time with other dogs so they know how to properly behave."

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For all that Demelza is usually quite observant, she doesn't notice the way Greta falters, too distracted by the sudden rush of dogs. There's one just to their left, a sweet faced mutt with short, dark hair and little brown patches on his back, and Demelza wishes to take him home immediately. And just beyond is a massive creature, black and white and brown, a docile and happy expression on her face, and Demelza can imagine any child loving to just bury their hands and face in all that soft and shaggy fur.

"Aren't you sweet?" she asks a blond dog to their right, one whose tail is wagging furiously, though not a single bark escapes her. She's so happy to see them that her tail wagging has her entire body swaying and when Demelza moves to stand in front of her door, the dog jumps up and then spins in excitement, still wriggling with joy.

"Oh, why are they here?" she asks and although she's still smiling, her expression has faltered a little. Although she had been told of the shelters, she finds now she hadn't been the slightest bit prepared, not for all these sweet animals who need homes, all of them in cages, all of them without families to love them. "Why hasn't someone swept them all up already? They're so sweet and so happy."

And they deserve someone who loves them. Demelza knows they're here for Greta, but she wants to bring home every last one of them.

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"Do 'ee think Ross might kick me out if I were to bring home just five or six of them?" she asks, wiggling her fingers through the cage door at one dog who licks them in response. Then she stands and nods in response to Greta's request, knowing she is here to help her friend above all else, not to take dogs home for herself. Truly she can't, not in the apartment, it wouldn't be fair. Already Garrick doesn't have enough room to run around and she knows they can't yet afford a house of their own and so she never asks Ross to provide them with more space.

They make do with what they have, as they always have before and as they will for the rest of their lives together and she will be happy for it. Because she has him, they have each other, and they have their children. For that reason alone, they are lucky, and she will never once take that for granted.

"Let's go outside," she agrees, reaching to take Greta's arm again and heading toward the door that will lead them out into the yard. The dogs continue to bark excitedly as they pass by and Demelza glances at each and every one, wanting to see all their sweet faces, wanting them to know they've been seen. They don't think like people, she knows that, but she can't help but thinks of them like they are, regardless. Garrick has such a strong, sweet personality, and so she imagines all dogs must be the same.

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Though Demelza had at one point assumed she knew a fair bit about the shelters and how they were run, she finds herself realizing now that she truly hadn't the slightest idea. There are different yards and so many gates and so many dogs that Demelza finds she doesn't know where to look first and instead settles on simply following Greta. They are here for her, after all, and it only makes good sense to make her the centre of what they're doing, especially when there are so many distractions around them.

She could spend hours here, she realizes, playing with the dogs and caring for them, brushing them and feeding them and making sure they're walked. Her job at Green Gardens is one she loves dearly, but perhaps they would let her come by the shelter once or twice a week, just to help a little here and there.

The dog that approaches them is perhaps less excitable than some of the others they had seen inside and Demelza thinks that may be for the best. She and Greta have spoken about it, after all, they've discussed how it would be best for the dog to be patient with children, and one that jumps and barks is probably not the one Greta is going to want to bring to Green Gardens. This dog, though, is gentle and not quite timid, but slow in its movements and Demelza smiles when Greta rubs its belly, sinking into a crouch alongside her.

She holds her hand toward the dog, letting it sniff her fingers before she begins to stroke its ears gently.

"Tis terribly soft," she agrees with a smile. "And so sweet. What a lovely face."

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"She does," Demelza chimes in helpfully, looking up at the young woman who has joined them. "I already have a dog and I must doubt my husband would be very pleased with me if were t'bring home another, but Greta is in dire need of a dog, I believe. And she's quite lovely and I know she'll be wonderful to a dog who needs a home."

Perhaps she wasn't being asked to give such a testimonial, but she feels it can't hurt. Although she's done all the necessary legal requirements to have Garrick in Darrow and although she'd known about the shelters, she's still far from an expert and she wants her friend to be approved to bring a dog home. Good character references can only be looked upon as a benefit, she expects.

"Well, that's good to know," Elise says with a bit of a surprised laugh. "Lots of people come here for their first dog, though, so we offer a bunch of help. If you decide one of the dogs is right for you, we'll send you home with some of their things so they have familiar toys and it's best to transition their food, so we would give you some of that, too. Adoption fees include three vet visits with our onsite vet, too."

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"Well," Demelza says thoughtfully, though she's hiding a bit of a sly grin. "I did know I liked Julia and Jeremy straight off and they're children, which I think t'be looked upon as just as serious a commitment."

She's being silly and when she looks up at Greta, it's clear in her smile that she knows it, but she does sort of feel that to be true. Her children had come from her, of course, and she had carried them for nine months, but she knows there are women in Cornwall who'd not wanted some of their babies, who'd dropped them down old, unused mine shafts, who had done other horrible things in order to escape equally horrible situations, and she supposes if someone is able to do something like that, they must not feel all that attached to the child in the first place.

Perhaps she's wrong, having never been in such a situation, but she doesn't believe choosing a dog this quickly is a bad thing at all.

"I don't think it is," she says, shaking her head, reaching out to run her fingers through Sadie's soft fur. "I think sometimes there's a connection that seems silly to deny. Sadie clearly likes you and I think if you like her, too, then there's nothing else to consider, is there?" Maybe if she continued to look she would find another dog she likes as well, but they both know Greta can't take all of them home and there is likely something good to be said for all of them, but at the end of it, she still has to pick only one.
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"I think I could live here, if not for my family," Demelza admits, as she's always loved animals and in many cases she's loved them better than some people. There are exceptions, of course, there always are, but when she thinks of her father and men like George Warleggan, she finds she's bound to prefer animals each and every time. Animals have so little in the way of true cruelty. Any aggression they show is due to instinct and due out of some desire to hurt another person or ruin a man's life in the manner of which her father and George seem to exist. Even Francis can be forgiven, his harsh words for her said in a moment of deep anger and grief, but even so, she thinks she'd pick a dog over him, too.

"Sadie, do 'ee think you'll like to play with my Garrick?" she asks the dog, whose tail continues to sway back and forth. She doesn't wiggle quite like Garrick still sometimes does -- though he was more inclined to it as a pup -- but Demelza thinks that's a good thing. Perhaps some of her temperament might rub off on her beast, which would certainly please Ross.

Shifting around, Demelza reaches for a nearby ball, which seems to catch Sadie's interest and she smiles and then holds the ball out toward Greta. "Elise said even fetch could be considered a job, did she not? Perhaps you ought to test it out and see if she likes it."

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"I don't think Garrick'd know what t'do with a ball if it hit him on the nose," Demelza says, because although her dog can certainly be playful and has quite the mischievous streak, she's never thought to throw a ball for him and suspects he wouldn't know what to do with one if she tried. Perhaps a stick, he's certainly shown some interest in those in the past. Now she's curious, though, and she makes a note to go purchase a ball for Garrick on her way back home just to see if it's something he might like. Not in the flat, of course, not with such limited space, but out at Green Gardens on their vast lawns, maybe he would like to chase a ball.

And maybe it's something he and Sadie might do together.

"He do give me nonsense, though," Demelza says, thinking of all the scrapes Garrick had gotten into over the years and all the ways in which she's had to save him. He's saved her, though, just as often as she has him and for that reason alone she would never be able to give him up. Garrick is family and he'd been there before anyone in Darrow, before her children, before even Ross.

"I think perhaps tis a dog's purpose to give nonsense," she continues and although she's making a joke, there's a thoughtful lilt to her voice. "That's part of the joy of 'em, isn't it? That they remain so lighthearted even in the face of things that might break us down. They're silly and they make us lighter because of it. Without their nonsense, I must think they'd not be the same dogs we know and love at all."

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Now that little bit of information catches Demelza's interest and she says nothing of it while Elise is still with them, but once they're inside and she's off getting the application, there's no denying she's going to bring it up. She has some friends she spends a good deal of time with and they have a dog. That's what Greta has said and Demelza knows for certain it's not her, because then she wouldn't have to make a call, not when she's right here.

No, she has a feeling this is a different kind of friend entirely, though it does throw her off a bit that Greta seems to be speaking of people plural.

"Come on back inside," Elisa says, leading them toward the gate. It makes Demelza worry for a moment, leaving Sadie alone, but she hopes the dog understands they're only leaving for a little while before she's going to be going home with Greta forever and that she'll not have to stay in this place much longer. Just in case, she turns and gives Sadie a nice scratch behind her ears and then a gentle finger on top of her nose, pressing lightly.

"Don't worry, we'll be back," she promises in a low voice.

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At the very least, Demelza has the good grace to wait until Elise is gone before she fixes Greta with a curious, searching stare, one she holds for a good many moments in complete silence. It isn't that she expects her friend to break under such a stare -- though many have -- but that she wants to determine for herself if perhaps there's something to be told or if she's simply reading into things that aren't truly there. Ross has told her before that she has a tendency to do this, that she often sees romance where none exists, but she can't always be wrong.

"Who is it 'ee need to call?" she asks. It's a plain enough question with, what she imagines, will be a plain enough answer. And from what Greta says and, more importantly, how she says it, Demelza will be able to determine what other questions she might need to ask.

She's already quite certain there will be many.

"Is it a man?" she asks with a slowly growing smile. If there's a man in her friend's life, she'll have to be certain not to meddle, but it's the sort of thing she very much wants to know. Demelza wouldn't consider herself a gossip, but when it comes to her friends, she wants to share in their joy.

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It's a rather firm protest for something that's merely a friendship and Demelza raises her eyebrows in amused surprise at the vehemence of Greta's response. If someone were to ask her about Dwight, she knows her response would be similar -- that they've only ever been friends -- but she'd not feel such a need to insist upon it, for gossip exists everywhere and she's sure there is at least one person in Cornwall who'd thought her to be having an affair with Dwight Enys. Insisting so firmly only leads her to believe there is something more, something perhaps Greta is not yet prepared to explore on her own.

"Hm," she says softly, watching Greta fill out the form for a moment. If she doesn't want to speak of it further than that, Demelza won't press her overly much, but she does need it known that if Greta were to have something she wanted to share, Demelza would be open to whatever it may be.

"And did he take to 'ee?" she asks, gentling her voice some. "Tis not that I mean to pry, tis only that... well, you ought to be happy. And you ought to have countless men flinging themselves at 'ee between your beauty and your kindness and your baking. And I know happiness isn't always found with a man and that bein' on your own is nothing at all to be ashamed of, but the way your cheeks went pink..."

It's more than just friendship, she thinks.

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"No," Demelza says firmly, looping her arm through Greta's and tilting her head to lean her cheek on her friend's shoulder. "No, you ought to call him."

Because regardless of what Greta says, if there's someone in her life she's spending enough time with for her to even consider calling him for something like this, then he should be called. And Darrow is different, men aren't so mysterious as they had been in Cornwall (though she'd not call many of those men mysterious either, given their lustful gazes and their roaming hands) and she expects if this Sam is spending this much time with Greta, it's not simply due to the fact that his daughter is taken with her. Any smart man would be taken with her, too, and Demelza now wants to meet him so she can see for herself.

She's an eye for these things, after all, and as Ross would say, she does like to meddle. That's not what she'll do here, she knows Greta wouldn't want her to and she'd not want to make her friend uncomfortable.

"If you're spending that much time with his daughter, tis only the smart thing to do," she says, still with her cheek on Greta's shoulder. "And I'll not say a single word of anything, I'll be perfectly polite. I know it may be difficult to believe, but I've been capable of behaving myself every once in awhile and I would be happy to do so for 'ee."

She's teasing again, her words gentle, but light. Greta has had too much difficulty in her life as of late and Demelza would hate to add to it, even unintentionally.
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Demelza desperately wants to eavesdrop. The urge is so strong she can feel it in her bones, but she respects Greta's friendship too much and doesn't want to become the sort of person who engages in such acts and so she stays put where she is, first reading over the form, then inviting a small dog in the office into her lap where she can stroke her belly and rubs her small feet gently. The dog lies placidly, all four of her paws up in the air, and by the time Greta returns -- wearing quite the smile, she notes -- Demelza's dress is covered in bits of white fur.

"I've said nothing at all," she answers, but she's smiling in return as Greta takes her seat once more and returns to the form.

"Judas, but they ask a lot of questions, don't they?" she asks, continuing to stroke the dog's ears as Greta fills out her answers. "Where you live and your name, that all do make plain sense to me, but there are so many questions about your schedule and what you plan t'do with the dog if 'ee work away from home. I suppose it's that they want their dogs to have the very best care, but it still seems to be so much."

Especially for someone like her, who simply found Garrick as a pup and brought him home with her, more than willing to risk the beating she knew would come when her father discovered him. Garrick is her best friend, her protector, the only presence she had been able to rely on for such a long time. It isn't the same any longer, it hasn't been since she met Ross, but Garrick is still so important to her and she knows she would fill out any form that was asked of her to be able to keep him now.

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This certainly isn't how Sam expected to be spending his afternoon, but it definitely isn't a prospect he can object to, either. He's always had a fondness for rescue animals, has for a long time thought that he's probably closer to Marvin than he is to most people, so he'd have been glad to offer any input anyway. Making sure Jordan will mesh with whatever dog Greta's chosen is even less of a chore, slightly surprising in its thoughtfulness but entirely sensible, too. They do spend a fair amount of time together, and it isn't infrequently that Jordan goes over to Greta's. To have to worry about the two of them, dog and toddler, not getting along would be undoubtedly inconvenient. It's really the only way he's managed to talk himself out of adopting any more animals himself. He'd want to bring her, and she'd want all of them, and then there would be Marvin to consider, too, and how well he and another dog would do around each other. For him, it might be too much trouble — or, at least, he tells himself that — but in this instance, it's easy, especially if she already has one in mind.

By the time they reach the shelter, Jordan is what Sam would classify as a little too excited, though he's already told her, more than once, that they're not bringing home another dog for themselves. Still, once they're through the door, she tugs him forward, Sam keeping her hand in his so she doesn't get too far ahead of herself, calling out for Greta as soon as she catches sight of her.

Sam just laughs, a little helpless. "As soon as I told her 'dog,' this started," he says. "Here's hoping that won't make any difference." After pausing a beat, and offering a smile to Greta's friend as well, he adds belatedly, "Hi."

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As soon as Sam comes in, Demelza can see that he's very handsome. Not nearly as handsome as Ross, of course, though she thinks perhaps that's an unfair comparison for her to make, since she doesn't believe any man to be as handsome as her husband, And yet he is handsome, terribly so. As he comes in, he barely even glances at her at first, which only serves to make a very smug feeling rise up in Demelza, though she does her best not to let it show because she had promised Greta she would behave. Men tend to like the look of her for some reason that she doesn't understand and Sam clearly only has eyes for Greta.

But she's perfectly polite and inclines her head slightly without thought, a form of greeting not often used in Darrow. It's only that she's focused so much on behaving properly that she's reverted to old habits, ones that are sometimes slightly embarrassing in Darrow and she decides she can blame Greta for this, since it's her friend she's trying not to embarrass in any way.

"I'm that pleased to meet 'ee," she says politely, then purposely avoids Greta's gaze for fear she might break out into laughter, and instead looks right at Jordan. "And you, too. I have a daughter as well, her name is Julia, though I do think she's a wee bit smaller than you are. How old are 'ee, Jordan?"
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