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Greta hasn't said anything to Saoirse about the misunderstanding at the hospital -- the one neither of them had bothered to correct. She'd explained it all to Baz, with no small amount of embarrassment. In that case, she hadn't had much choice. The bill would have arrived, and the paperwork would have ratted her out, and then he and Simon would have wondered why she hadn't told them.

Fortunately, they hadn't seemed to mind. She wonders if being perceived as a bit of a bumpkin (who of course wouldn't understand how hospitals work) has been to her advantage. At any rate, she's not about to argue that she knew exactly what she was doing. Better to shoulder the embarrassment of an honest mistake than delve into how dishonest the whole thing truly was.

Saoirse's kept the cast. Greta's stomach twists every time she catches a glimpse of the pink plaster, both a reminder of the day, and an unnecessary hindrance. She could have been healed in a moment; this could have been so much simpler. But there was an agreement: her coach and teammates and half of her teammates' parents had all seen the injury, and it would have been too conspicuous for her to show up to the next practice looking as if nothing had happened. There might even have been grumbles about unfair advantages.

Greta would have argued that speedy healing is perfectly fair when all the other children are twice Saoirse's size and knocking her into the dirt every other minute, but she can see the wisdom of keeping any magical influences well-hidden. She doesn't like it -- and the Greta of eight months ago would have gawped at the thought of not liking a bit of magical restraint -- but she understands it.

It's nearing the end of her shift, and she's putting the last few dishes away, making sure everything is in order. There's a spare lemon tart wrapped in a handkerchief and waiting by the door, so she won't forget it. (Despite Mad Sweeney's reassurances, she can no longer convince herself that a mouthful of bread -- even her bread -- is a sufficient offering for someone so bloody enormous.) And then there's a knock on the door, one she easily recognizes as Saoirse's. Though she knows the sight of the cast will give her a pang, Greta finds herself smiling fondly as she goes to open the door.

"Hello, sweetheart." She almost adds that Saoirse doesn't need to knock, that she can come visit whenever she likes, but then she remembers that with only one hand at her disposal, doors must be harder to handle. "Are you hungry? I could fix you something before I go."

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Saoirse steps in, a shy look on her face that turns grateful at the offer, but she shakes her head. In her right hand is a carefully folded piece of pink paper. Bits of red, teal, and yellow are visible between the folds. She steps in and shuffles her feet shyly, then lifts the paper to her.

Inside, she's pasted child-cut paper flowers of varying sizes, and between them in her careful, six-year-old penmanship, are words.
I know we lied to the nurse lady at hospital, but you are a good mum. I never knew my mum but I pretend she must have been like you. Thank you for helping me. I love you.

Love, Saoirse

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Saoirse gasps and moves closer when Greta settles on her bum. She looks concerned. She hadn't wanted Greta to cry! She rests her hand on Greta's knee, eyes big and sad. She's so sorry!

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Saoirse slowly climbs into Greta's lap, watching her both warily and apologetically. She hadn't meant to make Greta sad! She reaches, wiping her fingertips along Greta's cheeks to make the tears go away. She's careful not to scrub her with her cast, because she doesn't want the plaster to scrape her skin.

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Saoirse listens to her explanation seriously, still gently wiping her fingers over Greta's cheeks. Her eyes warm when she hears how much Greta loves her, and she all but tackles her into a hug. She loves Greta, too! And there's a part of her that finds she wishes Greta were her mum.

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That has Saoirse blushing, cheeks growing warm against Greta's neck. She nuzzles the hug a little deeper. She hopes Mum would be proud of her. She's always tried to be a good girl, even when other children aren't very nice. She hopes Mum knows that, wherever she is.

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Saoirse leans back so Greta can see the size of her smile, the depth of her gratitude. Greta is a great mum; she hopes she stays in Darrow with her forever, even though she's sure she must miss home sometimes, and even though she herself misses Dad and Ben. It's easier, with Cu here, and she does still miss them. But having Greta makes it feel smaller, and Jordan is much nicer to her than Ben is.

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Saoirse nods solemnly, touched that she would even want to. She hugs her again, careful of the note, then stretches up to kiss her cheek. That's what Dad always did to her, with his scratchy beard. Saoirse doesn't have a beard, of course, and neither does Greta. But she feels like it's the right thing to do, anyway, and she sort of nuzzles her nose against Greta's cheek.

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She giggles a little bit, but nods again. Yes, she's sure. Her tummy is quite full from dinner, still, and even though she kind of wants dessert, her coach has been talking to them about the importance of a healthy diet and how it can affect their ability to play footie. She doesn't want to be bad at footie, or get worse, or stop wanting to play, the way that Coach says lots of sugar can make someone feel. So she's going to be careful, she's decided, and that means no more after-dinner snacks or desserts except on very special occasions, like Christmas and birthdays.


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