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June 11th, 2017:

It's been over half a year in Darrow, now, and she's trying not to think of her current, relative comfort as settling. She has a job that still feels too good to be true, and both her wardrobe and her social circle are more expansive than what she had back home. It's not enough to make up for the absence of her family, of course. But she has to admit, if only to herself, that it's a relief to no longer be aching for them all the time, or even most of the time. It's a relief to have other things on her mind, to have business to attend to.

Not that this is business, per se. She's just exploring the boardwalk. Now that the shops are all officially unshuttered, she's trying to get a sense of what's there -- easier done without Saoirse or Jordan or anyone else in tow, though it's ultimately as much for their benefit as hers. She'd like to have some ideas of what might appeal to them ahead of time, instead of just wandering the length of the place with a child in tow and hoping something might catch their eye.

It's a pleasant afternoon, and there's a decent crowd. It's easy to let herself get carried along at an ambling pace; she's in no hurry, and it's not so packed she can't step around people if she needs to. And when she does find herself held up, it's behind a young man who has a rather adorable baby, peering wide-eyed at her from over his shoulder.

Another silver lining for all the time she's spent here is that the sight of other people's babies doesn't pain her anymore. She gives the child a smile and a little wave, and after a moment of nonplussed consideration, the baby rewards her with a broad grin and a shriek. Greta chuckles a bit ruefully. "That's on me, I'm afraid," she tells the child's father when he glances back at her. "I didn't mean to wind her up."

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"I suppose I can allow you delighting my baby just this one time," Jesse said with a grin, hoping she could tell there were no hard feelings. Jesse was almost always happy to hear Ripley laugh delightedly like that.

"Now if she was just starting to fall asleep when it was nap time that would be a different story, but since we're just out and about you're okay."

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"I'm Jesse and her name is Ripley," he said, reaching into the stroller to unbluckle her and lift her out. Since they had stopped to talk to the nice lady who had made her smile Ripley was very eager to get a better look at her. Just like her dad, she was more than happy to make a new friend on the spot. Giggling and cooing she reached out her tiny finger and chubby arms to the woman.

"She's ten months old and a little ball of wiggles."

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Ripley gave another giggle of delight as she grabbed Greta's finger and immediately tried to put it in her mouth. That was pretty much her response to everything at the moment though, was putting it in her mouth. Between that and crawling Jesse had to keep his apartment and studio really clean.

"Thanks, she absolutely takes after her mom. Which you'd be able to tell if she was still in the city and here," Jesse said. It was maybe a weird way to mention it but he wanted her to know that he kind of got what she was saying about her own son not being here. Jesse had to admit though it was easier to lose Beca than it would be Ripley.

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"Yeah, I've met several. We talked about starting a support group but it's really hard to find that many babysitters for the same night," Jesse joked. While he wouldn't wish his situation on anyone it was nice to have people to commiserate with at times, making it feel less alone. If other people found it hard but were making it through then he could too, right?

"Oh, sorry about that," Jesse said, laughing as he pulled Ripley back to try and get Greta's finger out of her mouth. He should have been more careful about that because, no offense to Greta, but he had no idea where the woman's finger had been. "Here, I've got a wipe if you want to clean your finger off."

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"Yeah, fortunately she hasn't been crying too much from the pain but she's definitely been drooling and sticking everything in her mouth," Jesse admitted. He knew he was lucky in that aspect, she'd only kept him up a few nights with crying from teething and for the most part has been pretty great. The floors of his apartment and work were super spotless though just to avoid her cramming anything dangerous or disgusting in her mouth.

"Crawling around a lot too, so losing some of her baby chubbiness and you can really see her mom in her face. Here, look..." Jesse said, pulling out his phone and scrolling through the pictures until he found one of Beca that didn't have her rolling her eyes or flipping off the camera.

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For a moment, Jesse wasn't sure what to say. He thought the world of Beca and to him she was a princess. But there was no way that anyone else would ever call her that. Even when he did she rolled her eyes at him even while giving that little smile that let him know that she was secretly pleased. But yeah, once Greta called her Cinderella then it made a bit more sense, like how Jessica looked just like Beca, only taller.

Normally Jesse tried really hard not to think about how some of his friends had the face of famous actresses or some people that arrived were actually characters from stories. The implications of that kind of sucked and messed with his head so he tried to just not dwell on it. This was pretty hard to ignore though.

"Yeah, sometimes people here... they have faces of people in other worlds," he said, giving her a tight smile. "How- how do you know Cinderella?"

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"Was it a slipper as pure as gold to go with a cow as white as milk you needed?"

The question was out of his mouth before he really thought about it. Jese had a long standing policy that he didn't ever mention to the people here that they were fictional or had the face of an actor or actress back home. It was pretty much a shitty thing to do and more of a headache than he wanted to deal with.

But what she had said clicked into place so fast and it was one of his favorite musicals that he didn't think about it. Plus he was still dealing with the idea of Beca being a princess or even just looking at her picture on his phone. He should have just kept his mouth shut.

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Jesse's panic was only momentarily relieved when he saw just how excited she was that he actually knew her. It could have gone really poorly but fortunately Greta seemed to just accept that he knew her story and that she wasn't fictional, which made sense. Everything that happened to her would get made into a story of sorts that other people would hear about. There weren't hundreds of new shows, books, and movies made every day in her world.

Then Jesse realized that Greta must be the baker's wife. And her story did NOT end happily.

"Yeah, I've... I've heard of your story where I'm from," he said. "It's... it's called Into the Woods where I'm from."

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Fuck. This is exactly why he didn't mention to people that he knew them from a movie or TV show or something. Besides hearing you're fictional to someone being super messed up he might have to tell someone they were dead. The fact that she seems so delighted makes it that much worse.

"Here, I don't live far from here. If you really want to hear how the story says everything happens, we can do it there over some coffee or something. That way you can tell me what had happened last before you showed up," Jesse said. Plus it would give him time to think of a way to tell Greta that she cheated on her husband then died.

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Jesse could kind of guess what the last thing she remembered might have been by the way she was reacting. But he wasn't going to keep asking her questions, she was going to have a hard enough time as it was with everything he didn't need to prod her about that.

"Why don't I just tell you the entire story as I know it," Jesse finally said after a moment. He could just say she disappeared into the woods with the Prince as let it seem like the audience got to drew their own conclusions, which they kind of were. "And yeah... there are a ton of different versions of pretty much everyone's story ever."

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"Just give me a moment to put Ripley down for her nap and then I'll tell you whatever you want to know," Jesse told her as they stepped into the apartment. While it had the same basic layout as most apartments in the building it probably had more personality since he'd lived in it for several years now.

It had been clearly been child proofed, everything that could be pulled off of a shelf by a curious, crawling baby had been moved higher. There was a giant TV opposite the couch one wall and a bunch of random, sentimental knick-knacks here and there. It was definitely a home and not just a house.

"If you're thirsty help yourself to anything in the fridge," he added. There was water, beer, wine, juice, and pretty much anything in between.

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"Yeah, she quickly made it clear that she would get into everything if she could," Jesse said. And it wasn't like he could be mad at her for it, she was exploring her world and was never malicious about anything. Just super eager. Jesse wondered if Greta had her baby yet and if so if it was hard to see Ripley then.

"Okay, so, your story," he said, grabbing a beer from the fridge before gesturing for them to both sit down at the table. "I'm going to tell you everything I remember from the story..."

And for the next while Jesse laid out the entire first act of the musical as well as he could remember it.

"That all sound correct so far?"
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"Yeah. The second part of the story starts out how everyone is realizing that just because they got what they want they aren't exactly happy with it," Jesse said, realizing that there wasn't really any way to further avoid the rest of the story. There should be some sort of training for this kind of thing. That or he just needed to keep his mouth shut.

"Your husband worries about being a good dad, the witch lost her powers, you and the Prince, uh... disappear into the forest," Jesse said, taking another drink of his beer and definitely NOT looking at Greta while he said that. "Cinderella isn't exactly happy with the Prince's wandering eye... and the second giant comes down. That's when people start to die."

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Jesse would have completely glossed over what happened between Greta and the Prince only he wouldn't be doing her any favors with other people who might know the story. It would be ten times worse if she thought no one knew when in fact people did. At least that's what Jesse figured.

"Your husband and son were fine," Jesse reassured her. He could at least give her that much even though it what he had to say next was going to crush her. But he knew that if he was dead he'd at least want to know that Ripley was safe. "Jack, the Princess, and Red all move in with your husband after they kill the second giant. After... after Jack's mother, Red's mother, Rapunzel, the Witch, and... and you all die. I'm sorry, Greta."

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"I'm sorry," Jesse said, wincing a bit at her denial. That was understandable, he didn't blame her for that. He wouldn't want to believe someone either if they told him he was dead. Actually, Jesse wouldn't believe it, he'd probably think he was from a universe or something where that didn't happen. It couldn't happen. And maybe Greta was, but that's not the story that he knew.

"You were in the forest and the giant... she stepped on you. Jack found your body in the woods."

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"I'm sorry," Jesse said, standing up with her but making no move to stop her. The fact that she didn't just bolt out of here while screaming that he was a liar was pretty impressive. Jesse wasn't sure if he would have been able to hold it together as well as she was. It was obvious that she was just barely holding it together though.

"But yeah. I- yeah if you need to go you should go," he said, hanging his head. This was definitely his fault. Well, not the murder part, that was the giant, but her finding all of this out was definitely his fault.
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