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It's not easier this time, or better, it's just different. She doesn't cry as much, because she doesn't have the energy for hysterics anymore. It's less like being tempest-tossed and more like being adrift, gritting her teeth through the intermittent swells of sorrow or bitter self-recrimination until the waters still again, and she can get on with things.

And she doesn't want to talk about it. She doesn't want another round of sympathy from her friends, she doesn't want to be pitied. She doesn't want to be the person who just can't seem to stop suffering all the time. She's so tired.

But someone needs to tell Saoirse, and Greta's not letting it fall to anyone else. She ought to hear it from someone who knows how much Sam and Jordan meant to her. So after her shift is over, she goes off in search of her, eventually finding her out on the lawn with Cu.

"Saoirse?" It's a bright day, and Greta distantly wonders if she's about to ruin it as she shades her eyes. "Can you come here a moment?"

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Saoirse looks up at her, reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear. Cu woofs at Greta and leads the way over to her. He runs in a quick circle around her before settling at Saoirse's side. She's switched from a plaster cast to a smaller, lighter brace. Her fingers and thumb are freer, but she still has to be careful and work up her strength slowly. She stands in front of Greta expectantly, brushing grass and leaves off of her shirt front.

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She tilts her head, then looks around the lawn. She hadn't brought her bag with her notebook or pencils outside, because she hadn't expected to need them. She looks up at Greta, eyebrows twitching into a slight frown. Something was wrong. She reaches with her free hand to grip Greta's fingers gently, encouragingly.

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She considers this, brow furrowing. Then she looks down at the phone and taps dutifully on the digital keyboard.

Yes, she writes, Magnus told me that I left before, and came back. I don't remember being here before, or leaving. She shows the screen to Greta, wondering if that's what she means.

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Saoirse tilts her head as she listens. She doesn't quite understand how she's supposed to feel about this. She likes Sam and Jordan, a lot, and she likes spending time with them. If they're not here, she can't do that anymore. But if they're home, that's a good thing, right? And she should be happy for them. She frowns a little and taps on the screen.

I will miss them, it says when she hands it back. She's sure Greta can read her expression the way Magnus and Baz can. But she doesn't really know what to say.

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It's plain enough that Greta is very sad about this. Saoirse knows her well enough to see that. She looks up at her, eyebrows arcing sadly, and she reaches and places her hand on Greta's cheek, gently. It's okay to be sad, but she doesn't think this is a sad thing, is it? Not entirely, anyway. It's sad that they won't be able to see them anymore, but overall it isn't a sad moment. They're not dead, like her mum. They're just home, like Ben and Dad and Granny. That's a good thing, isn't it?

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Saoirse's eyes widen briefly and she moves closer, pulling Greta into a hug. She doesn't want her to be sad! They're not alone, even though their friends aren't here anymore. Saoirse knows that later, when she wants to visit Jordan and can't, she might get sad, too. But right now, she's not upset. Knowing that they're gone, she misses them, but perhaps she's still too young to fully grasp what 'gone' can mean, here.

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Saoirse shakes her head against Greta's shoulder and clutches her sleeve. She won't be, and she wishes she could make that promise out loud. It isn't very often that Saoirse wishes she could speak, but this is one of those moments. Any way to reassure Greta would be welcome.

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Saoirse wiggles her nose when Greta taps it, and she gives her a small smile and a nod. Yes, she thinks she understands. If Darrow took her away once, and it took away Sam and Jordan, then that means they can take anyone away, at any time. Even Greta. Even Saoirse, a second time. So they need to be careful, but they need to love each other, anyway.


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