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They take the bus down to the boardwalk. Normally, Greta avoids modern means of conveyance as much as possible, and the walk from Dimera to the beach is nothing by her standards. But she doesn't want Saoirse to get tired or bored before they even reach their destination, so the bus it is.

Part of her wonders if she's making a mistake - if it might be foolish or even cruel to bring the girl to the seaside when she's still... as she is. Can she truly enjoy it? Or would it be worse not to take her, when it might be something of a second home to her? Granted, it's much too cold to go for a paddle or anything, but at least being on the beach might provide some comfort. It might even help with the vague illness she's been saddled with in her sealskin coat's absence.

Pitiable as Saoirse's condition might be, Greta can't help a stab of apprehension at the thought of what will happen if she actually finds her coat. She's heard enough stories about selkies to know that that's when they leave you -- and, selfishly, she doesn't want the girl going anywhere. She's grown terribly fond of her already.

"Now," she starts, holding Saoirse's hand as they cross the road and head over to the boardwalk, "it's too cold to go into the water, but I bet we could find some shells if we looked. Or there are all these shops along the boardwalk. There's a lot to see." She drops down to Saoirse's level and brushes some of the girl's hair out of her eyes -- it's rather blustery out, though at least the sun is warm. "What would you like to do first?"

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Saoirse is having a hard time not bouncing in her seat as they go. It's not her first time on a bus before, but she's going to the sea! She hadn't known that Darrow even had a sea, and she's very excited to see it.

When they're there, she listens to Miss Greta very carefully. She points at the surf, where it breaks against the sand. She wants to find some shells! She's wearing dark pink jeans, and a bright coral cardigan, and bright trainers that don't match her outfit at all. She has her shell today, but it's in a backpack, safe from getting hurt.

She finds a bright piece of sea glass, blue and soft around the edges, and holds it up for Miss Greta to see.

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She smiles small as she looks at it, then pulls her pack down off her shoulders. She pulls open the very front zip and puts the glass and ceramic in the pocket. With a beaming smile up at Miss Greta, she begins to roam the soft sand, looking for more.

On the rocky shoal that juts from the surf, seals begin to surface. Some climb up onto the rocks. Others bob and sway in the water. All of them watch with big, serious eyes, soft and dark from this distance. At first, Saoirse doesn't notice them.

Then, she does.

She stops moving and simply stares at them. The wind whipping her hair, is the only movement for a long moment. Then she takes a heaving breath and starts walking towards them. She misses her seals so much. She misses her coat.

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Saoirse frowns, but she understands. She turns to Miss Greta and hugs her, then freezes when she hears a bark. It's not a seal bark, though. She knows that bark anywhere.

She sucks in a gasp and leans back to look out at the water again. The seals have all gone, scared by the din, but she can see a large, sodden shape coming up through the surf.

Broken leash trailing behind him, stubby, fluffy tail wriggling against his bum, Cu runs forward when he spots Saoirse through the waves and his own heavy fur. He stops short of bowling her over, ever aware of his size. But as soon as he's close, he sniffs her all over, whining and fussing, and then licks the side of her face with his enormous pink tongue. He doesn't even seem to notice the adult beside her. Saoirse laughs and hugs him, drenching herself, as well.

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Cu snuffles over Miss Greta's hands when she pushes him back, but he sits heavily and pants with a doggie grin, tongue lolling out. Saoirse makes grabby hands for him again, then cringes away when he shakes himself, sending water droplets sailing through the air — and making his leash and collar jingle as his tag hits the D-ring where the leash is hooked.

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Saoirse puts her finger to her chin thoughtfully, then grabs her pack and pulls it close. Inside is her dark pink sweater, so she pulls off her coral cardigan and trades it out. Her shirt beneath the cardigan is a little damp, but the bulk of the water had been soaked up by the sweater itself. She pulls on the dry one, then giggles again when Cu leans forward to lick her cheek.

When the dog begins to look and sniff around for Ben, though, Saoirse's eyes sober and she shakes her head. Ben isn't here. And she can't speak, and Cu isn't a person, so when he sees her sadness, senses it, he only tilts his head and whines a little, but Saoirse doesn't know if he understands.

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She shakes her head, though she's glad that Miss Greta spelled out the word, because although Cu likes water, he doesn't much like taking baths. She frowns, wishing she had a paper, but it's hard to write out here where it's so windy, anyway.

Then she gets an idea.

She's surrounded by sand! With a perk, she runs off a few steps and grabs a stick. Then she uses it to write, sloppy and haphazard, in the sand.

B-E-N it says. She keeps writing. M-Y B-R-O-T-H-E-R B-E-N. She draws a poor stick figure of herself, Ben, and Cu, then steps back (and accidentally trods through the first 'Ben' in the process) to show Miss Greta her work.

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Cu tips his head to lap at her wrist, and he tilts his head with an uncertain whine, but that's about the extent of it. Saoirse steps all through her writing, then wiggles the stick for Cu to chase. The seals and the sea are long forgotten now that she has a more familiar friend. She throws the stick four or five feet and giggles silently when Cu bounds after it. Beach sand kicks up and sticks to his wet coat.

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Saoirse blinks, then smiles up at Miss Greta. When Cu brings the stick back, she picks it up, then hucks it like a boomerang. This time it indeed sails farther. Cu woofs happily as he gives chase. He kicks up sand as he runs, then grabs it in his jaws and runs about for a bit. As before, when he returns the stick to Saoirse, he's very careful and gentle about setting it down for her.

Saoirse grins and picks the stick up, but doesn't throw it this time. She holds it out for Cu, and they play tug-of-war for a bit. Cu is very careful not to pull her over, despite looming over her.

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She nods, and she points at Cu, then holds up both hands: one hand is wide open, all five fingers displayed. The other displays only her first finger. Then she points at herself and does the same thing. They're both six!

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Saoirse grins, then giggles silently and nods. She likes that Miss Greta is treating it like a secret, or a surprise. It doesn't need to be, but it makes it more fun! She pats her knee, and Cu drops his stick and comes over to her with a woof. He licks over her face and gets sand and some water on her. Saoirse pushes him off fondly, then takes the broken end of his leash in her hand.

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Saoirse nods. She's good at giving Cu baths! It's much easier than giving herself one, even though he's much fluffier than she is. She gently tugs the leash, and Cu turns to walk with her. Wherever they need to go, he seems ready to follow.

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Saoirse isn't sure, but only because she doesn't know if Cu's ever been on an elevator before. She shrugs one shoulder; they're just going to have to see.

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Cu makes an uncertain noise and circles around them both, but Saoirse doesn't seem distressed, so he settles close to her and keeps his snout against her shoulder. She leans into him. He whines a little more, then quiets.

When the elevator stops at the proper floor, he whines again, and Saoirse giggles to feel her stomach dip and roll with the sensation. When they step off, her knees wobble and she giggles again. Cu sprawls on his chest and he turns to bark at the elevator as if in protest.

But he hasn't messed, and he doesn't seem truly upset, just a little perturbed.
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