Dec. 30th, 2014

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How to reach player?
PM: this account
AIM: platy121
email: cariva02[AT]smumn[DOT]edu

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: It's the only way I get anything done.
Threadhopping with this character: Probably fine, but ask first.
Fourthwalling: keep it light
Canon puncture: It seems inevitable, because it's hard out there for a fairy tale archetype. She will think you're mad. Fair warning.
Offensive subjects: none that I can think of.

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: vaguely heteroeverything with potential for further developments (but also prepackaged with some reconfirmed monogamy).
Hugging this character: yay hugs!
Flirting with this character: she'll probably do a lot of incredulous/gleeful whuffling before politely rebuking you, so go ahead, it'll be funny.
Giving this character a kiss: she is a married woman, sir or madam.
Something more intimate: SIR OR MADAM
Relationships: definitely not in the short term. Probably not in the long term?
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: let's be very careful to avoid this, since she's kind of a babby Disneysexual and taking advantage of her would not be the most difficult thing in the world, particularly if she perceives the other character as an authority figure.
Fighting with this character: why would you, she is so inoffensive, shame on you for even thinking such a thing. But I bet she has a mean left hook.
Injuring this character: discuss with me first.
Killing this character: please no. :c
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: RUDE, but go ahead.
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